With MyRYTARY.com, you get the support that helps you along your treatment journey:

Pay for RYTARY
Stay on RYTARY
Getting on RYTARY
MyRytary Start Program

The MyRYTARY Starter Rx Program may give you access to RYTARY at no cost during your initial dose adjustment and coverage determination processes, if you are eligible.

  • RYTARY will be shipped directly to your home – no need to visit the pharmacy
  • May provide you with RYTARY for up to 90 days

Get help understanding your insurance.

We will contact your insurance provider to help determine your coverage, and help you navigate the approval process through:

  • Benefits verification
  • Assistance with understanding and navigating the prior authorization process
  • Assistance with understanding the exception and appeals process, if needed

Enrolling in the MyRYTARY Patient Support Program is easy!

Simply download the Patient Enrollment form below and follow the instructions.

Patient Enrollment Form

  • Complete and sign all fields on page 5
  • Return the form to your prescriber. He or she will take care of the rest

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getting enrolled is easy.
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